Hi, I'm Renato Migliaccio, Owner of Sampa Jiu Jitsu, Founder of International BJJ Association and want to give you a FREE Digital Copy of my Guard Passes Drill and Conditioning DVD:
I am sure you have many online options to train, right now due to Coronavirus since your gym is probably closed. This is a great one that combines drills and bodyweight exercises. Enjoy!
Your FREE Digital DVD Will Be Sent To the Email Address You Submit Below:
What is in it?
  • Toreando Pass drill.
  • Sidestep to knee on stomach
  • Cross Knee Pass
  • X-pass
  • X-pass cross knee hybrid
  • X-pass shin slide
  • Leg Drag
  • Leg drag counter pass
  • Toreando Long step
  • Long step to the single-arm underpass
  • Switch base pass
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